Once again, we would like to invite you to Wroclaw!

Once again, we would like to invite you to Wroclaw!

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the next edition of our conference, which once again opens the space for talks and discussions on the most current topics in the world of librarianship. Previous editions, with their rich discussions and exchanges of experiences, have confirmed our conviction that continuing the dialogue in this format is essential. In this regard, we are very pleased to invite you to the 4th. Good Practice Forum – “Beyond the Event Horizon: Libraries at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Digitization and Readers’ Needs,” to be held on September 23, 2024.

The first panel, titled Artificial Intelligence – competition or support, will focus on technologies that are changing the face of modern libraries. We want to highlight the opportunities and challenges of integrating artificial intelligence into various aspects of library operations, from collection management to user interaction. The discussion will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences on the practical use of AI in libraries, the ethical and social aspects of its implementation, and how it can support personalized services and asynchronous learning.

The second panel, dedicated to User Needs , aims to share insights, initiatives and challenges that libraries can face in response to growing and changing user expectations. We will address issues of user education and information literacy development, strategies for ensuring accessibility to collections and services, and the role of libraries as community spaces. It will also be an opportunity to discuss transformations of the library profession in light of new challenges and technologies.*

We warmly encourage you to submit short speeches presenting your experiences, positive as well as negative. We believe that the solutions you use in your libraries can become an excellent contribution to the discussions initiated at the Forum.

*In the process of creating the Forum description, artificial intelligence support was used (Chat GPT, version 3.5).

Registration of active participation: until June 1, 2024
Submission of abstract: by July 30
Passive participation registration: until August 18, 2024

Participation in the FDP is free of charge.
Registration form
Registration for the event is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Terms of Participation


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