Information for Guests

Readers who are not students or employees of state universities in the Wroclaw area can use the resources of the WUEB Main Library on a guest basis.

Reader with the status of GUEST – in order to use the resources of the Library must first register and purchase an electronic library card (more in the tab: Library enrollment).

Guests, after obtaining a library card, can use the book collection and databases available in the library only on site. As registered users, they can also use computers. Computer equipment is used exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.

To enter the Library you must show your electronic library card to the librarian on duty.

From the book collection located on four floors, readers can access books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, scientific publications, studies, reports, journals, statistical materials, etc.

In the Scientific Information Reading Room (building.U, 1st floor), readers can use databases, search assistance for scientific information and literature on the subject, as well as books, journals, studies and statistical data on the European Union, as well as newspapers and current journals, standards and doctoral theses.

NOTE: We remind you to leave your outer garments and large bags and backpacks in the self-service locker room (U building, level -1). To use the locker, you must have a PLN 5 coin or a token (available for a PLN 5 deposit at the reception).

Library enrollment

Enrollment in the library is conducted exclusively through an online form:

  1. Fill out the form:
  2. Report with ID within 14 days of remote registration to activate the account and assign the card to the account.
  3. Guests are issued a library card with a fee of PLN 20. The library card can also be encoded on Urbancard.
  4. The fee for the card should be paid by bank card on the 1st floor of the Library or by bank transfer.

A reader with Guest status cannot borrow books!

Completing and sending the registration form is tantamount to confirming knowledge of the Library Regulations and acceptance of all their provisions.


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